Keynote Speakers

Each ISPS hosts keynote presentations by leading performance scientists. Information on forthcoming and past speakers is provided below.

ISPS 2017
Performance, Processes, and Products

August 30 | 02 September 2013
Reykjavík | Iceland 

Hilmar Bragi Janusson 
University of Iceland 
Asymmetry and symmetry of arts and science

Reinhard Kopiez 
Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media  
The audio-visual music performer: Intermodal interactions in evaluation processes

Alison McGregor 
Imperial College London  
Enhancing sports performance: A biomechanical approach

Steven Schlozman
Harvard University  
If medicine is a performance, then who is the audience? How modern medicine can be cured by studying performance

ISPS 2015
Performance Education

02 | 05 September 2015
Kyoto | Japan  

Janet Karin

Australian Ballet School and Australian Catholic University 
Speaking to the neuromotor system: Learning and refining voluntary movement  

Hiroshi Kinoshita 
Osaka University
Force control and movement organization in skilled musical performance 

Gary McPherson
University of Melbourne 
Musical prodigies: Early manifestations, catalysts, and outcomes 

Markus Raab
German Sport University Cologne 
The power of simplicity: A fast-and-frugal heuristics approach to performance science 

ISPS 2013
Performing Together

23 | 31 August 2013
Vienna | Austria  

Tecumseh Fitch  
University of Vienna
Rhythm, meter, drumming, and dance: A predictive systems view of an ancient aspect of music

Peter Keller
University of Western Sydney
Musical ensemble performance: A theoretical framework and empirical findings on interpersonal coordination

Emma Redding
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Dancers: Fit bodies?

Alan Wing
University of Birmingham
Follow my leader? String quartet synchronization

ISPS 2011
Models of Performance

24 | 27 August 2011
Toronto | Canada

Roger Chaffin
University of Connecticut
Thinking about performance: Memory, attention, and practice

Roger Kneebone
Imperial College London
The art, science, and simulation of performance

Don McLean
University of Toronto
Science in the concert hall? Music in the lab? Perspectives on the role of research in higher music education

Virginia Wilmerding
University of New Mexico
Dance pedagogy: Myth versus reality

ISPS 2009
Performing Excellence

15 | 18 December 2009
Auckland | New Zealand

Deidre Anderson

Macquarie University
A balanced approach to excellence: Life skill intervention and elite performance

K. Anders Ericsson
Florida State University
Discovering deliberate practice activities that overcome plateaus and limits on improvement of performance

Sylvie Fortin
University of Québec at Montreal
The dominant artistic discourse as a health determinant

Robert Winston
Imperial College London
Performance, science, and society

ISPS 2007
Theories and Methods 

22 | 23 November 2007
Porto | Portugal

Eckart Altenmüller

Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media
From the Neanderthal to the concert hall: Development of sensory motor skills and brain plasticity in music performance

John Gruzelier
Goldsmiths, University of London
Enhancing music and dance performance with EEG neurofeedback



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