Proceedings of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2009, edited by Aaron Williamon, Sharman Pretty, and Ralph Buck, published by the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), Utrecht, The Netherlands. ISBN 9789490306014.

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Williamon, Pretty, Buck ISPS 2009 Front matter front matter; preface; acknowledgements; contents; scientific committee

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Winston Performance, science, and society (keynote) brain imaging; physiology; physics; musical perception; inspiration

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Ericsson Discovering deliberate practice activities that overcome plateaus and limits on improvement of performance (keynote) deliberate practice; expert performance; innate talent; cognitive mechanisms; skill acquisition

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Kenny, Cormack, Martin Suffering for one's art: Performance related musculoskeletal disorders in tertiary performing arts students in music and dance performance related musculoskeletal injury; musicians; dancers; tertiary students; injury surveillance

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Kenny, Martin, Cormack Practicing perfection: The physical costs of practice in tertiary music and dance students practice; practice routines; musicians; dancers; performance related musculoskeletal disorders

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Kenny The factor structure of the revised Kenny Music Performance Anxiety Inventory music performance anxiety; Kenny Music Performance Anxiety Inventory; factor structure; musicians; dancers

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Mitchell, MacDonald Linguistic limitations of describing sound: Is talking about music like dancing about architecture? music perception; verbalization; auditory recognition; music performance; singing voice

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Fine, Ginsborg, Barlow The influence of listeners' singing experience and the number of singers on the understanding of sung text singing; intelligibility; expertise; ensemble; lyrics

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Chaffin, Demos, Crawford The PC-survey: How does use of performance cues vary across musicians, instruments, musical styles, and performances? music performance; memory; performance cues

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Goebl, Palmer Finger motion in piano performance: Touch and tempo motion capture; piano performance; finger dynamics; proportionality; touch

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Molin Quantitative multidimensional approach of technical pianistic level pianistic level; principal component analysis; pianist motor skill; correlation of difficulties; MIDI

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Morita, Emura, Miura, Akinaga, Yanagida Evaluation of a scale performance on the piano using spline and regression models piano; scale performance; spline curve; n-dimensional curve; MIDI

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Williamon, Wasley, Burt-Perkins, Ginsborg, Hildebrandt Profiling musicians' health, wellbeing, and performance health profiling; physical fitness; mental health; health promoting behaviors; music education

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Redding, Irvine, Quin, Rafferty Dance science: Scientific investigations into the effect of dance specific fitness training and its impact upon pedagogic practices and dance performance fitness; dance; physiological; intervention; aerobic

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Clark, Williamon Developing evidence-based interventions to enhance performance evidence-based training; imagery; mental skills; performance science; music education

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Altenmuller, Jabusch How can neuroscience help performers? neuroscience; auditory-sensorimotor integration; pianists; focal dystonia; translational science

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Senn, Kilchenmann, Camp Expressive timing: Martha Argerich plays Chopin's Prelude op. 28/4 in E minor microtiming; interpretation; piano; Martha Argerich; Frederic Chopin

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MacKie Controlling the pacing of retards and accelerandos in piano performance: A roller coaster solution? piano performance; accelerations; retards; cubic curve; roller coaster

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Flossmann, Goebl, Widmer Maintaining skill across the life span: Magaloff's entire Chopin at age 77 performance errors; symbolic data; SOC model; aging virtuosity; piano performance

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Aggett Strategies for achieving performing excellence of twentieth and twenty-first century art song practice strategies; learning strategies; art song; practice-led research; performing excellence

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Pertzborn, Coimbra, Hallam, Braga Developing the ability to perform: Investigating the field of higher education and expertise development for learning and performing the double bass double bass; skill; practice; pre-professional learning; expert performance

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Araujo, Cruz, Almeida Pathways of excellence in science and dance: Lessons learned from a Portuguese case study excellence; dance; science; performance; qualitative

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Fabian Diversity and homogeneity in contemporary violin recordings of solo Bach J. S. Bach; violin; vibrato; performance; recordings

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Collyer Breathing in classical singing: Linking science and teaching singing; breathing; pedagogy; lung volumes; kinematics

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Palmer, Koopmans, Carter, Loehr, Wanderley Synchronization of motion and timing in clarinet performance expressive timing; clarinet performance; motion capture; movement analysis; ancillary gestures

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Fine, Bull Memory for tactus and musical tempo: The effects of expertise and speed on keeping time tactus; absolute; tempo; memory; clapping

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Stevens, Ginsborg, Lester Moving backwards and forwards in time: Recalling dance from long-term memory movement; dance; procedural memory; declarative memory; non-verbal behavior

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Carvalheiro, Rodrigues Memory span in dance: Influence of age and experience motor memory; memory span; retention capacity; experience in dance; motor actions

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Herrojo Ruiz, Jabusch, Altenmuller Fast feedforward error-detection mechanisms in highly skilled music performance ACC; EEG; errors; motor control; performance monitoring

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Anderson A balanced approach to excellence: Life-skill intervention and elite performance (keynote) transitions; life-skills; athlete identity; athlete foreclosure; self identity

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Allen Memory consolidation in musicians: The effects of sleep, interference, and recall on musicians' performance of a keyboard melody memory; music; consolidation; motor skills; sleep

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Atkins Health and wellbeing education in British conservatoires health and wellbeing; education; music students; injury prevention; conservatoires

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Backus, Williamon Evidence of noise-induced hearing loss among orchestral musicians noise exposure; hearing damage; musical performance; orchestral musicians; music students

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Bajalica, Lockett Strategies for the pianist to enhance the artistic quality of piano recording piano performance; piano recording; music interpretation; artistic quality; classical music

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Bonini Baraldi, Bigand, Pozzo Analyzing and representing Transylvanian village music by using motion capture ethnomusicology; Transylvania; gesture; rhythm; desynchronization

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Bravo, Fine Studying a score silently: What benefits can it bring to performance? expert performance; notated score; cognitive schemas; mental rehearsal; analysis

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Burt-Perkins The learning cultures of performance: Applying a cultural theory of learning to conservatoire research conservatoire; institution; learning culture; social practice; qualitative methodology

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Carvalho, Marinho Musical narrative deconstruction: Ritual and transgression performance; narrative; transgression; ritual; deconstruction

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dos Santos, Hentschke The piano repertoire preparation: A research method as a potential tool for reflective instrumental practice piano practice; musical knowledge; reflective thinking; qualitative research; repertoire

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Evans, Ackermann, Driscoll The role of the soft palate in woodwind and brass playing soft palate; wind musicians; functional anatomy; velopharyngeal closure; velopharyngeal insufficiency

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Ferrari The Vincenzo Vitale piano school: Famous school but little known Vitale piano school; pedagogy; technique

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Friedlander, Fine Expertise in cryptic crossword performance: An exploratory survey crossword; problem solving; expertise; motivation; practice

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Fujisawa, Iwami, Kinou, Miura Relationship between playing strategy and surface electromyograms in playing drums electromyogram; drums; strain and laxity; movement analysis; playing strategy

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Gaspar Between hedonism and atomism: Discrepancies in the performers' musical perception performers; analysts; meaning units; segmental; supra-segmental

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Goto Effect of music in a healing room for recovery from mental fatigue: A psychological experiment of the relation between relaxing music and listening space design music; healing room; mental fatigue; relaxing music; listening space design

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Harper, Henriques, Halton Performing proportion: Crux awareness in Scarlatti interpretation Scarlatti; crux; golden section; performance; background/foreground tempi

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Hseih, Mioshi, Baker, Piguet, Hodges Piano playing skills in a patient with frontotemporal dementia: A longitudinal case study frontotemporal dementia; piano playing; activities of daily living; cognitive assessment; neuroimaging

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Kinoshita, Obata Chin force in violin playing violin; chinrest force; force sensor; pedagogy

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Kubota The nature of professional accompanists and their roles: Performing with musical excellence and enjoying communicative interaction accompanist; personality; rehearsal; roles; ability

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Lisboa, Chaffin, Logan How memory fades: Very-long-term recall of Bach music; performance; memory; cello; recall

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Lopez, Pozo, Bautista What do children think of music teachers? Their conceptions about cello teaching and learning learning conceptions; music students; teaching approaches; learning outcomes; conceptual change

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Marin Oller, Perez Echeverria, Hallam The use of musical scores in order to perform: An exploratory study with flute players musical score; expert; novice; instrumental learning; flute

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Martin Pirouetting with pain: Attitudes surrounding female ballet dancers dancing with pain ballet; pain; injury; aesthetics; ethnography

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Nakahara, Furuya, Obata, Francis, Kinoshita Cardio-respiratory responses to expressiveness in piano performance expressive piano performance; heart rate; heart rate variability; autonomic nerve system; respiratory measurements

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Nuti, Solomon, Williamon The Listening Gallery: Integrating music with exhibitions and gallery displays museum; performance practice; medieval and renaissance art and music; recordings; historical instruments

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Obata, Nakahara, Hirano, Kinoshita Difficulty of violin vibrato in novice players: Fingerboard reaction force analysis violin; vibrato; finger force; novice; finger difference

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Santos-Luiz, Coimbra, Fernandes da Silva Musical learning and cognitive performance specialist music education; mainstream education; general capacity of reasoning; academic achievement; cognitive skills

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Serra-Dawa A longitudinal observation of one-to-one singing lessons: The effects of personality and adult attachment singing; relationship; adult attachment; longitudinal; personality

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Thompson, Bennetts, Neskovic, Palmer Emotional lingering: Facial expressions of musical closure music cognition; emotion; singing; closure; facial expression

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Trouli, Reissis Pianists with carpal tunnel syndrome: Conservative versus surgical treatment carpal tunnel syndrome; pianists' hand pain; pianists' finger numbness; pianists' finger weakness; nerve entrapment

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Wu, Lim, Hamm, Kirk Musical training facilitates brain plasticity: Short-term training effects on sensorimotor integration sensorimotor training; brain plasticity; neuroimaging; EEG; audio-motor

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Schmidt, Jabusch, Altenmuller, Hagenah, Saunders-Pullman, Bressman, Munchau, Klein Is musician's dystonia an inherited condition? musician's dystonia; focal task-specific dystonia; genetics; movement disorders; DYT1 gene

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Herrojo Ruiz, Jabusch, Altenmuller New aspects in action planning and execution in musicians with dystonia music; performance; dystonia; inhibition; EEG

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Altenmuller, Granert, Peller, Jabusch, Siebner Functional and morphological changes of brain structures in patients suffering from musician's dystonia focal dystonia; pianists; basal ganglia; morphometry; performance skill

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Jabusch, Buttkus, Baur, Gomez-Pellin, Boullet, Altenmuller Setting the stage for prevention and treatment: New therapeutic approaches in musician's dystonia focal dystonia; musician's dystonia; retraining; botulinum toxin; transcranial direct current stimulation

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de Lisle, Speedy, Thompson The effects of pianistic retraining via video conferencing as a means of assisting recovery from focal dystonia: A case study focal dystonia; pianism; piano technique; retraining; video conferencing

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Bangert Doing without thinking? Aspects of musical decision-making music performance; interpretation; decision-making; intuition; phenomenology

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Esteban Munoz Applications of formal analysis: Musical comprehension and memory consolidation in performance formal analysis; memory; musical comprehension; time; performance

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Geeves, McIlwain That blissful feeling: Phenomenological conceptions of music performance from one performer's perspective phenomenology; experience; interview; idiographic

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Lisboa, Gualda Left-hand expression in cello playing: Exploring approaches to shifting performance; expression; string playing; shifting; preferences

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Obata, Nakahara, Hirano, Kinoshita Fingering force in violin vibrato violin; vibrato; fingerboard reaction force; acoustic parameters; finger difference

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Yasui, Kinou, Miura Fluctuation strength of tremolo played on the mandolin: How is tremolo evaluated as good? mandolin; tremolo; feeling of fluctuation; fluctuation strength; subjective evaluation

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Kochman, Leman, DeClerk The effects of musical syntax on perception of music performance music perception; syntax; musical embodiment; music performance; social interaction

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Livingstone, Schubert, Loehr, Palmer Emotional arousal and the automatic detection of musical phrase boundaries emotional response; arousal; phrase structure; automatic boundary detection; similarity metric

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Gerling, dos Santos, Domenici Communicating emotion in piano performance expression; piano performance; communication; circumplex model

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Williamon, Backus, Dance, Zepidou Hearing and the noise of performance: Solutions for sound monitoring hearing; noise; sound meter; acoustics; regulations

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Hair, Bailey, Swayne Taking microtonal composition and performance from the periphery into the mainstream microtonal; practice; feedback; machine-assisted; voice

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Lawson, Tibbles The art and science of historical performance historical performance; original instruments; personality; clarinet; fortepiano

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Renwick, McPherson Multiple motives: Profiles of young Australians' reasons for musical engagement music education; motivation; self-determination theory; self-efficacy; self-regulated learning

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McPherson Playing together in ways that cater for and fulfill student musicians' psychological needs self-determination; psychological needs; self-beliefs; motivation; musical development

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Ginsborg Focus, effort, and enjoyment in chamber music: Rehearsal strategies of successful and "failed" student ensembles effective; group; rehearsal; practice; students

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Kenny, Fortune, Ackermann What predicts performance excellence in tertiary level music students? music performance anxiety; skilled performance; practice; expert ratings; prediction

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Steinmetz Influence of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain on performance excellence playing-related musculoskeletal disorders; pain; motor control strategies; muscle function; stabilization systems

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Lourenco, Clemente, Coimbra, Barbosa, Pinho Do pianists play with their teeth? pianists; electromyography; muscular hyperactivity; masticatory muscles; postural muscles

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Evans, Trouli ISSTIP performing arts clinics at the London College of Music 1990-2005: The first ideas, the realization, and the lessons for the future performing arts health; performing arts psychology; performing arts clinics; posture; relaxation techniques

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Erskine, Ainley Diversity of dancer experience in a dance program dance; education; Q-sort; dancer experience; SDQ-III

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Snook A circle of life: The Caroline Plummer Fellowship in Community Dance project cancer; dance; community; therapy; performance

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Pollitt, Bennett Choosing the unstable: Dancing through the mid-career dance; unstable; protean; mid-career; sustainability

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Broughton, Stevens Physical movement and imagery in professional and undergraduate student solo marimba practice practice; music imagery; movement imagery; marimba performance; musical expertise

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Xarez, Pereira, Mendonca Monitoring work and rest during performance and life-style: A study case with a principal ballet dancer energy expenditure; work-to-rest ratio; dance training; elite ballet dancer; performance science

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Wyon, Twitchett, Angioi, Metsios, Koutedakis Will supplemental fitness training have an affect on the aesthetic components of contemporary and classical ballet dance performance? ballet; contemporary; performance; aesthetics; fitness

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Correia Is composition a mode of performing? Questioning musical meaning music; meaning; intermodality; composition; performance

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Phillips Seeking excellence in danced postgraduate degrees postgraduate dance studies; assessment; engagement; criterion of excellence; conceptualization

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Marinho, Carvalho Intention revisited: From composition to performance author; intention; composition; collaboration; performance

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Stambaugh When repetition isn't the best practice strategy: Examining differing levels of contextual interference during practice practice; contextual interference; blocked; speed-accuracy trade-off; speed

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Clark, Williamon Imaging the music: A context-specific method for assessing imagery ability imagery; mental skills; mental chronometry; performance science; music education

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Bigand, Pozzo, Beraut Learning to play double bass by stimulating mental imagery mental imagery; mirror neurons; music learning ergonomics; developmental psychology

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Pullinger, Bailey, MacRitchie, McAllister Computer assisted analysis and display of musical and performance data music information retrieval; visualization; performance analysis; score analysis; database

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MacRitchie, Buck, Bailey Gestural communication: Linking multimodal analysis of performance to perception of musical structure performance analysis; music perception; multimodal interaction; musical structure

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Dodd Music performance venues: Keeping them in tune with modern requirements acoustics; electro-acoustics; concert hall; listener preference

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Fortin The dominant artistic discourse as a health determinant (keynote) health; dance; passion; discourse; aesthetic

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Williamon, Pretty, Buck ISPS 2009 End matter end matter; author index

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