Proceedings of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2011
, edited by Aaron Williamon, Darryl Edwards, and Lee Bartel, published by the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), Utrecht, The Netherlands. ISBN 9789490306021.

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Williamon, Edwards, Bartel ISPS 2011 Front matter front matter; preface; acknowledgements; contents; scientific committee

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McLean Science in the concert hall? Music in the lab? Perspectives on the role of research in higher music education (Keynote) music; research; performance; CIRMMT; Schulich

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Altenmuller, Boullet, Gomez-Pellin, Jabusch Behavioral retraining in focal dystonia: Results of a long-term follow up in 72 pianists musician's dystonia; behavioral retraining; pianist; repertoire; prognosis

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Jabusch, Paulig, Grossbach, Boullet, Altenmuller Improved motor control after alteration of somatosensory input: Prognostic value of "glove effect" in pianists with dystonia musician's dystonia; sensory trick; glove effect; retraining; botulinum toxin

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Lee, Chadde, van Vugt, Altenmuller Phenomenology of dystonic and task-specific tremor in musicians: A descriptive study dystonia; tremor; task-specificity; musicians; primary bowing tremor

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Spector, Enders, Altenmuller, Schmidt, Klein, Jabusch Musician's dystonia and comorbid anxiety: Two sides of one coin? dystonia; musician; psychology; anxiety; State-Trait Anxiety Inventory

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Bisesi, Parncutt, Friberg An accent-based approach to performance rendering: Music theory meets music psychology piano; expression; accents; timing; dynamics

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Handelman, Sigler Automated performance analysis of virtuosic music for string instruments performance; bowed instruments; computer analysis; pedagogical software; music analysis

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Grachten, Widmer A method to determine the contribution of annotated performance directives in music performances empirical musicology; expression modeling; music performance; performance directives; computational analysis

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Iniguez, Municio "Good music teachers should..." Conceptions of conservatoire elementary level students with regard to teaching string instruments conceptions of teaching and learning; music conservatoires; music education; researching materials; string students

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Araujo, Cruz, Almeida Inspirational teachers: Their role in the development of excellence in professional dancers excellence; teachers' role; dancers; case study; qualitative

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Marin Oller, Perez-Echeverria, Scheuer How do I learn to play my instrument? Conceptions about instrumental teaching and learning in woodwind students conceptions; implicit theories; musical teaching; musical learning; woodwind students

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Flossmann, Widmer Toward a model of performance errors: A qualitative review of Magaloff's Chopin piano performance; performance errors; error catalogue; error model; Chopin corpus

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Nonogaki, Shimazu, Emura, Miura, Akinaga, Yanagida Use of spline curve to evaluate performance proficiency of a Czerny piano piece piano; tendency curve; spline curve; performance evaluation; components calculating parameters

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Stambaugh An examination of a MIDI wind controller for use in instrumental research MIDI; technology; instrument; wind controller; methodology

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Picone Lost in Eden: Guided practice for the musical tourist practice; meta-cognition; motivation; self-regulation; guided practice

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Wise, James, Rink Learning to be a creative performer: Developing mixed methods to understand teachers' and students' approaches and constructs creativity; originality; education; performance; methods

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Kneebone The art, science, and simulation of performance (Keynote) performance; surgery; simulation; expertise; music

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Cohen Advancing interdisciplinary research in singing: A performance perspective singing; interdisciplinary; development; education; wellbeing

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Ginsborg, Fine, Barlow Have we made ourselves clear? Singers and non-singers' perceptions of the intelligibility of sung text choral; expertise; lyrics; solo; vocal

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Knight Adults identifying as "non-singers" in childhood: Cultural, social, and pedagogical implications "non-singer"; entity; development; pedagogy; access

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Lidji, Palmer, Peretz, Morningstar Entrainment to speech and song entrainment; tapping; speech; song; rhythm

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Young, Nicol Perspectives on singing and performance in music therapy community music therapy; singing; performance-based therapy; health and wellness

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Clark, Homes, Redding Investigating the physiological demands of musical performance energy expenditure; performance; pianists; indirect calorimetry; fitness

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Wyon, Twitchett, Koutedakis, Angioi The day-to-day workload of ballet dancers ballet; work; recovery; fatigue; injury

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Thomson, Jaque Psychophysiological study: Ambulatory measures of the ANS in performing artists ANS; flow; performing artists; anxiety

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Schankler, Francois, Chew Preparing for the unpredictable: Identifying successful performance strategies in human-machine improvisation improvisation; multimodal interaction; musical structure; improvisation strategies; human-machine interaction

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Thompson Expressive performance in music: Mapping acoustic cues onto facial expressions movement; music; emotion; perception; synchronization

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Hewitt Choreographic approaches to music composition for a new musical interface: The eMic eMic; gestural; voice; performance; technology

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Clemente, Coimbra, Silva, Gabriel, Pinho Can infrared thermography be a diagnostic tool for myofascial pain in wind and string instrument players myofascial pain; cranio-cervical-mandibular complex thermography; wind and string players

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Lourenco, Clemente, Coimbra, Silva, Gabriel, Pinho The assessment of trapezius muscle symptoms of piano players by the use of infrared thermography thermography; pianists; cranio-cervical-mandibular complex

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Teixeira, La, Silva Head and scapular posture in flutists: A pilot controlled study head posture; scapular posture; instrumental practice; flutists; singers

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Li "What am I doing?" Adolescent males and their stories in dance dance; education; gender; males; embodiment

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Rodman Re-inventing the body image: A pilot project in a boys' secondary school posture; body schema; body image; children; ISSTIP

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Xarez Dances of Cape Verde: Tempo, preferences, and entrainment dance; entrainment; preferences; spontaneous motor tempo; walking

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MacDonald, Hopyan, Gordon Cochlear implant singing study singing; cochlear implant; pedagogy; hearing; speech production

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Devaney, Wild, Fujinaga Intonation in solo vocal performance: A study of semitone and whole tone tuning in undergraduate and professional sopranos singing; intonation; musical experience; analyzing recordings; musical context

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Harler-Smith, Reimer Heart versus head: The implications of register sensation in the female characters of Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro Mozart; Figaro; register; characterization; aria

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Steinmetz, Claus, Seidel, Hodges, Jull Sensorimotor alterations in violinists/violists with neck pain violin/viola players; neck pain; sensorimotor impairments; CCFT; EMG

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Dahl, Grossbach, Altenmuller Good playing practice when drumming: Influence of tempo on timing and preparatory movements for healthy and dystonic players drumming; timing; preparatory movement; motor control; focal dystonia

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Marin, Bhattacharya Getting into the zone: Trait emotional intelligence predicts flow experience in piano performance flow; piano performance; peak performance; trait emotional intelligence; flow scale

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Wyon, Clarke, Thoms Is it their bodies that let them down? Dancing past 35 years old ballet; age; physical fitness; performance

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Gualda, Winter Studying embodied knowledge through modeling performer's evaluation parameters: A longitudinal examination of performances using distinct flute headjoints and bodies embodied knowledge; longitudinal experiment; performance evaluation; cognitive modeling; low-level audio descriptors

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Demos, Frank, Chaffin Understanding movement during performance: A recurrence quantization approach movement; signal analysis; phase-space reconstruction; recurrence quantification analysis

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Skull Sustained excellence: Toward a model of factors sustaining elite performance in opera performance excellence; deliberate preparation; physical rehearsal; mental rehearsal; self-efficacy

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Wilmerding, Krasnow Dance pedagogy: Myth versus reality (Keynote) ballet; pedagogy; biomechanics; injury prevention

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Allen, Simmons, Cash, Duke Characterizing accomplished musicians' learning over time music; consolidation; sleep; practice; modeling

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Begosh, Chaffin Constraints on memory for verse memory; verse; movement; recognition; constraints

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Bento, Clift, Hancox Coping with performance anxiety: Choral singing, psychological states, and cortisol performance anxiety; cortisol; choral singing

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Bernays, Traube Verbal expression of piano timbre: Multidimensional semantic space of adjectival descriptors piano; timbre; verbal description; semantic space; multidimensional scaling

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Burt-Perkins, Williamon "I kind of get lost in it": Experiences of learning to perform music in older adulthood older adulthood; learning; wellbeing; instrumental music; qualitative research

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Cerqueira, Zorzal, de Avila Music performance learning model music performance; music education; performance pedagogy; learning model; interdisciplinarity

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Choa The art of "repetitive practicing": Torture or meditation? repetitive practicing; Griller; relaxed force; motor memory; Taijichuan

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Chua Poh Yi Reaching for the stars: Dance talent program at Singapore International School (Hong Kong) dance talent; dance curricula; dance talent identification; dance talent program; giftedness

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Chueke Three stages of listening during preparation and execution of a piano performance: Exchanges on the model and its application performance; preparation; listening; optimization; pleasure

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Clark, Holmes, Feeley, Redding The role and value of implementing health screening programs within music conservatoires musicians' health; screening; injury prevention; program development; interdisciplinarity

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dos Santos, Gerling Piano repertoire preparation from a paraxial perspective piano repertoire; praxial knowledge; productive knowledge; strategies; poiesis

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Fine, Alufa A steady pace: The effects of musical expertise on tempo memory memory; speed; clapping; regularity; musicians

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Floria-Santos, Bastos-Junior, Prado Qigong, singing, and health: A possible composition? breathing exercises; health; music; task performance and analysis; anxiety

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Harris, de Jong The role of cerebral resonance behavior in the control of music performance: An fMRI study non score-dependency; cerebral resonance behavior; motor control; music performance; brain imaging

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Harris, de Jong, van Kranenburg Non score-dependency: Theory and assessment non score-dependency; improvisation; assessment; oral proficiency; performance

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Hastings How expert pianists interpret scores: A hermeneutical model of learning macro-micro; intuition; analysis; perception; hermeneutic circle

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Lin, Zhou, Huang Piano concerto "Yellow River": Chinese pianism in the second half of the twentieth century Chinese; recording; interpretation; piano; culture

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Iniguez, Municio From traditional to constructive practices in music education: Materials with which to study conceptual change in string teachers conceptual change; teaching and learning; goals and strategies of teaching; string teachers; researching materials

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MacArthur Behind closed doors: Emotional abuse in the music studio emotional abuse; classical musicians; student-teacher relationships; elite talent; resilience

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MacKie, Hussein An inquiry into the function of the torso and its potential for a relationship with the music piano performance; torso; circumductory movement, closed and open loop movements; musical analysis

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Martingo, Coimbra Taste, again: Naive listener's preferences of performed tonal music interpretation; reception; tonal pitch space

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Mathias, Palmer, Pfordresher, Anderson Effects of meter and serial position on memory retrieval during music performance music performance; musical meter; serial position; production errors; memory retrieval

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McAlvin Schenkerian analysis as generator: Stanislavski's "given circumstances" Schenker; analysis; personification; Stanislavski; metaphor

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Monk Pansonic coordination on the drum set: The synthesis of the essential components in groove-based improvisation improvisation; drums; bass pedal-board; multi-instrumentalist; groove

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Papatzikis Performance implications of instructional material in instrumental music education: A case study teaching; performance; Sevcik; instructional material

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Santos-Luiz, Coimbra, Andrade The effects of music tuition on academic achievement in Portuguese 8th year students music tuition; academic achievement; marks; socioeconomic status; general intelligence (g)

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Stambaugh Repetition and judgment of learning in wind instrument practice practice; contextual interference; judgment of learning; music cognition; learning

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van Vugt, Halbig, Schupbach, Buttkus, Altenmuller The musician doctor: A musical evaluation of treatments for movement disorders musical rating; Parkinson; therapy; violin; treatment evaluation

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Vezza, Pereira Tuning movement: Body education in teaching music instruments instrumental learning; teaching approaches; ethnography; motor skills; health promotion

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Wasley, Williamon, Taylor A comparison of music performance anxiety to a laboratory stressor performance; stress; cardiovascular; laboratory; prediction

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Williamson John Dewey and F. M. Alexander: Habit and performance skills Dewey; Alexander; habit; change; skills

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Zorzal, Cerqueira, de Avila Investigating time relations in musical instrument's masterclasses masterclass; musical instrument; duration; verbal strategies; performance

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Gingras, Asselin, McAdams Disentangling performer- and piece-specific influences on interpretative choices: A comparison across three harpsichord pieces artistic individuality; expressive strategies; harpsichord; style; piece-specific influences

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Gingras, Goodchild, Dean, Pearce, Wiggins, McAdams Exploring interrelationships between melodic expectations, tempo variations, and perceived tension in performances of an unmeasured prelude for harpsichord performance; aesthetic perception; expectations; communication; information content

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Koren, Gingras Perceiving individuality in musical performance: Recognizing harpsichordists playing different pieces musical performance; characteristics; recognition; categorization; musical expertise

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Gritten The problem with performing rhetoric; metaphors; models; practicing; performing

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Lawson The British clarinet school: Legacy and legend clarinet; Lazarus; national styles; recordings; Willman

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Sharon, Vatikiotis-Bateson, Scholte, Shay, Walsh, Barbosa Breaking traditions: Art song theatre cognitive shifts through staged modalities gesture; contextualization; speech-flow; authenticity; multimodality

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Alessandri, Eiholzer, Cervino, Senn, Williamon Investigating critical practice criticism; recording; record industry; Beethoven; piano sonatas

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Masaki, Hechler, Gadbois, Waddell Piano performance assessment: Video feedback and the Quality Assessment in Music Performance Inventory (QAMPI) music performance assessment; QAMPI; video feedback; performance perception; music performance anxiety

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Gerling, dos Santos An evaluation of parameters in performance: The effects of aural and visual stimuli musical performance; musical perception; audio stimulus; audio-visual stimulus; evaluation

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Lisboa, Chaffin, Logan A self-study of practice: Words versus action in music problem solving learning; performing; memorizing; practice; self-study

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Tro Ensemble performance: The sum of performers? performance; ensemble performance; performance analyses; music analyses; audio recordings

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MacDonald Understanding vocal performance: Excavating and exhibiting life's voice voice; performance; pedagogy; health; culture

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Koga, Johnson Dynamic artistry: Unlocking sound potential piano; pedagogy; body; alignment; biomechanics

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Russo, Chan, Edwards When vocal training masks structure: Individual differences in visual aspects of sung interval size singing; visual influences; motion tracking; audience experience; training

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Pfordresher Poor-pitch singing as an inverse model deficit: Imitation and estimation singing; motor control; internal models; auditory feedback; tone deafness

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Livingstone, Palmer, Wanderley, Thompson, Lissemore Facial expressions in vocal performance: Visual communication of emotion facial expressions; emotion; perception; singing; speech

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Palmer, Loehr Sensorimotor integration in solo and duet performance ensemble performance; sensory feedback; sensorimotor integration; synchronization; duet performance

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Schober, Levine Visual and auditory cues in jazz musicians' ensemble performance ensemble; coordination; visual cues; auditory cues; multimodal integration

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Davidson, Chung Two comparative case studies of facial gesture and bodily expression in contemporary interpretations of Liebestraum by Franz Liszt facial gesture; body movement; expression; performance; emotion

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MacKie Protecting the pianist's hand: The carrezando touch and more piano performance; carrezando touch; prehension; friction; transverse arch

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Tzotzkova Exploring real-time sonic adjustments in the performance of notated music: Morton Feldman, space acoustics, and the variable timbres of piano sound piano performance; timbre; spectral analysis; acoustic conditions; Morton Feldman

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La, Marinho, Pereira, Santos Electrophysiological markers and pianists' anxiety: A preliminary study cognitive behavioural training; EEG; performance anxiety; coping strategies; performance optimization strategies

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Wasley, Williamon, Taylor An investigation into the acute effect of exercise on physiological and psychological responses to musical performance musical performance; exercise; anxiety; cardiovascular

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Bissonnette, Dube, Provencher, Sala The effect of virtual training on music performance anxiety performance anxiety; music; training; virtual reality; exposure

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Kilchenmann, Senn "Play in time, but don't play time": Analyzing timing profiles in drum performances micro-timing; groove; jazz; rock; drum performance

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Konishi, Miura Estimating musical score of drum performance based on the Bayesian method drums; MIDI; musical score; Bayesian method; F-measure

Download (107 kb)

Konishi, Miura Use of relationship between characteristics of rebound and surface EMG of arms to measure physiological load during drum performance electromyogram; drums; performance movement; characteristic of rebound; playing strength

Download (197 kb)

Davidson-Kelly, Hong, Dhinakaran, Sanders, Gray, van Beek, Roberts, Overy An fMRI study of expert musical imagery: To what extent do imagined and executed performance share the same neural substrate fMRI; music; imagery; Middle Frontal Gyrus; learning

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Bishop, Bailes, Dean Musical expertise and the planning of expression during performance musical imagery; expertise; sensory feedback; expression; planning

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Fine, Bravo Rehearsal away from the instrument: What expert musicians understand by the terms "mental practice" and "score analysis" silent rehearsal; notated score; score analysis; mental representation; mental practice

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Miura, Mito, Kawakami Expression of basic emotion on playing the snare drum motion capture system; snare drum; drumming; emotional expression; performance

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Ohriner What can we learn from idiosyncratic performances? Exploring outliers in corpuses of Chopin renditions expressive timing; interpretation; music theory; meter; music performance

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Flossmann, Widmer Toward a multilevel model of expressive piano performance expressive piano performance; performance model; support vector machines; probabilistic reasoning; multi-level model

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Schoonderwaldt, Altenmuller Mastering the violin: Motor learning in complex bowing skills violin; bowing; movement; motor learning; practicing

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Hall, O'Donnell, Bailey BowScribe: Supporting the violinist's performance model violin; performance; tool; computer; model

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Robidas Designing a didactic tool to facilitate the integration of improvisation in the teaching of violin: Content of the final prototype improvisation; violin pedagogy; teaching material; creativity; teaching strategies

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Cheng, Heiss, Grossbach, Altenmuller Attentional foci in piano performance attentional foci; pianist; auditory feedback; motor pattern; scale analysis

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Kaastra Annotation and the coordination of cognitive processes in Western Art Music performance music performance; distributed cognition; coordination devices; annotation; instrumental case study

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Harper, Henriques, Pereira, Direito, Cunha, Miranda, Tavares, Soares Slow down and learn: Pianists and memory memory; stress; anxiety; Superlearning; pianists

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Chaffin Thinking about performance: Memory, attention, and practice (Keynote) memory; attention; practice; performance cues; spontaneity

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Williamon, Edwards, Bartel ISPS 2011 End matter end matter; author index

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