Proceedings of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2013
, edited by Aaron Williamon and Werner Goebl, published by the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), Brussels, Belgium. ISBN 9782960137804.

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Williamon, Goebl ISPS 2013 Front matter front matter; preface; acknowledgements; contents; scientific committee

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Redding Dancers: Fit bodies? (Keynote) dance; fitness; injury prevention; physiology; training

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Herrojo Ruiz, Kuhn Neuronal mechanisms underlying early acquisition and action-monitoring of piano sequences sequence learning; movement disorders; neurophysiology; basal ganglia; error monitoring

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Furuya, Altenmuller Hand motor control in skilled and impaired piano playing fine motor control; focal dystonia; electromyography; multivariate analysis; synergy

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Verrel, Woollacott Using motion capture analysis to characterize skilled cello bowing stringed instrument bowing; motion capture; movement co-ordination; timing; degrees of freedom

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Chaffin, Caparelli Gerling, Demos, Melms Theory and practice: A case study of how Schenkerian analysis shaped the learning of Chopin's Barcarolle performance; performance cues; Schenkerian analysis; practice

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Kruse-Weber, Parncutt Error tolerance and error prevention in music performance: Risk- versus error management errors; performance; learning; expertise development; instrumental pedagogy

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Hamond Feedback on elements of piano performance: Two case studies in higher education studio feedback; piano; learning; teaching; performance

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Araujo, Cruz, Almeida Managing social interactions: Psychological skills of excellent dancers dance; excellence; peers; coping; emotions

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Doyle The multiple realities of actors in rehearsal acting; collaboration; creative process; spontaneity; theory

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Cruz, Lourenco, Ferreira-Lopes Reading and understanding performers through critics, or vice versa artistry; musicianship; critics; pianists; biography

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Nakamura, Goda, Nagata, Furuya Effect of daily piano practice on finger kinematics and muscular load motor control; motor learning; electromyography; kinematics; motion capture

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Lee, Tominaga, Furuya, Miyazaki, Altenmuller Frequency of coactivation of arm muscles in primary bowing tremor tremor; task-specific; musician; coactivation; dystonia

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Manhas, Chindmes Instrumental lessons in pairs: Learning and/by performing together instrumental lessons; performing together; instrumental duets; music pedagogy; music school

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Ginsborg, Chaffin, Demos, Nicholson Reconstructing Schoenberg: Rehearsing and performing together accompaniment; cues; retrieval; representations; talk

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Ginsborg, Prior "Let's go again from the top": The role of collaborative rehearsal in learning music listening; practicing; strategies; instrumental; vocal

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Nallchigar, McCormack, Pelly, Wyon, Dimitriou Body composition and injuries in professional ballet dancers ballet; injury; BMD; dancer; training

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Wyon, Smith, Koutedakis A comparison of strength and stretch interventions on active and passive ranges of movement in dancers: A randomized controlled trial dancers; microStretching; supplemental training; developpe; battement

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Wyon, Wolman, Koutedakis, Nevill Dancing in the dark: The effect of vitamin D status on muscle function and injury incidence dancers; vitamin D; muscle function; bone markers

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Araujo Development of a measure of self-regulated practice behavior in skilled performers self-regulation; practice; skilled performers; questionnaire; internal consistency

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Ritchie, Kearney Transfer of practice strategies: From primary to secondary instrument self-regulation; practice; learning; transfer; teaching

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Bangert, Wiedemann, Jabusch When less of the same is more: Benefits of variability of practice in pianists variability of practice; piano; motor skill acquisition; musicians; schema theory

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Stambaugh Promoting schema formation among wind musicians of varying abilities cognitive load; practice; MIDI; wind instrument; schema

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Aggett Simply the best: Presenting Australian art song pedagogical performer's analyses to singing teachers Australian art song; performer's analysis; practice-led research; teaching; learning

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Cunha, Carvalho The Orff-Schulwerk approach and optimal experiences: A case study in a music education context Orff-Schulwerk approach; optimal experience; flow theory; music education; Portugal

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Xarez Entrainment in ballroom dances: The influence of the pair in the synchronization with the music entrainment; ballroom dances; spontaneous motor tempo; synchronization; interpersonal coordination

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Liiv, Wyon, Maestu, Jurimae Anthropometry and body figure in dance: Comparison between dance styles ballet; contemporary dance; dancesport; anthropometric profile; aerobic capacity

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Brown, Wyon Dietary and lifestyle patterns of pre and professional dancers: An international survey nutrition; dance science; international; lifestyle; health

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Ackermann, Driscoll, Kenny Physical characteristics of professional orchestral musicians: Results from a national survey and physical evaluation research project orchestral musicians; performance-related musculoskeletal disorders; physical examination; muscle control; electromyography

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Kenny, Driscoll, Ackermann Psychological wellbeing in professional orchestral musicians in Australia professional orchestral musicians; psychosocial well-being; music performance anxiety; depression; anxiety

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Driscoll, Ackermann, Galbraith Surveillance of musculoskeletal disorders and risk factors in orchestral musicians surveillance; orchestra; musculoskeletal; injury; epidemiology

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O'Brien, Driscoll, Ackermann Noise exposure and attitudes to hearing protection in orchestral brass musicians orchestras; hearing; noise; exposure; musicians

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Chan, Driscoll, Ackermann Can experienced observers detect postural changes in professional musicians after interventions? Alexander Technique; exercise; performance-related musculoskeletal disorders; photographs; professional orchestral musicians

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Kenny, Ackermann Depression and music performance anxiety are associated with severity of performance related musculoskeletal pain in professional orchestral musicians performance related musculoskeletal pain; depression; music performance anxiety; trigger point; professional musicians

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Wesolowski A microstructural investigation into jazz syncopation: The effects of selected musical variables on note dynamics dynamics; expression; jazz; microstructure; syncopation

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Bangert, Fabian, Schubert Doing without thinking? Aspects of musical decision-making revisited music performance; interpretation; decision-making; intuition; phenomenology

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McMahon Dialogue and collective interaction: Informants upon the collaborative interpretation of Baroque performance practice interpretation; collaboration; Baroque; performance; pedagogy

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Wollner Speaking with one voice? Ensemble members' audiovisual perceptions of each other's performances string quartet; self-other perception; musical interactions; continuous response; time series analysis

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Marchini, Papiotis, Maestre Investigating the relationship between expressivity and synchronization in ensemble performance: An exploratory study expressive timing; synchronization; ensemble performance; entrainment; motion capture

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Biasutti, Concina, Wasley, Williamon Behavioral coordination among chamber musicians: A study of visual synchrony and communication in two string quartets music regulators; behavioral coordination; eye contact; video analysis; string quartets

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Coffey, Bennett Constructing an artistic identity two careers at a time: Dance and the career lifecycle career; attraction; preview; dance; education

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Mor Life after performance: The subjective experience of musicians who undergo career transition performing artists; musicians; career transition; grounded theory; human science

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Atkins Occupational health and wellbeing in the UK conservatoire sector: Staff perspectives conservatoire; health; wellbeing; provisions; policy

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Corvisier, Corvisier Ravel's Introduction et Allegro: The issue of pedaling in piano duet performance Maurice Ravel; Introduction et Allegro; pedaling; musical performance; piano duet repertoire

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Schober, Spiro How much do jazz players share understanding of their performance? A case study intersubjectivity; collaboration; improvisation; shared understanding; jazz

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Bisesi, MacRitchie, Parncutt Structural communication in piano duos: Musical compatibility and individual differences in interpretation piano; ensemble; expression; structure; perception

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Keller Musical ensemble performance: A theoretical framework and empirical findings on interpersonal coordination (Keynote) ensemble; coordination; timing; skill; individual differences

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Hofmann, Goebl, Weilguni, Smetana Zooming into saxophone performance: Tongue and finger coordination saxophone; articulation; fingers; coordination; measurements

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Bertsch Tonguing on brass instruments: Tempo and endurance brass instruments; tonguing; articulation; tempo; evaluation

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Steinmetz, Altenmuller, Delank Embouchure problems in professional brass players embouchure problems; focal dystonia; brass players; risk factors; coping

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Osborne Maximizing performance potential: The efficacy of a performance psychology program to reduce music performance anxiety and build resilience in adolescents music performance anxiety; adolescents; performance psychology; resilience; school

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Ray, Kaminski, Fonseca, Dueti, Rocha, Santos Performance psychology information impact on stress and anxiety level of Brazilian music performers performance psychology; performance preparation; performance education; performance anxiety

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Farnsworth-Grodd, Cameron Mindfulness and the self-regulation of music performance anxiety mindfulness; act with awareness; music performance anxiety; self-regulation; musicians

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Gualda, Wagner Emotional communication among performers: Modeling the affective experience as portrayed and perceived emotions emotional communication; portrayed emotion; perceived emotion; music performance; affective experience

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Waddington Co-performer empathy and peak performance in expert ensemble playing empathy; ensembles; flow; flexibility; music

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Facchini, Harper, La, Ricca Beating together: A case study of heart rate in partner change in violin and piano duo VitalJacket(R); violin and piano duo; ECG; stress; MPA

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Platz The influence of performers' stage entrance behavior on the audience's performance elaboration music performance; performance evaluation; multilevel latent class analysis; audience; music performance elaboration

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Rivera The actor becomes theatre; actors; performing; psychology; personality

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van Rosmalen The craft of collaboration: Collecting the features craft; collaboration; collecting; features; muses

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Wing, Endo, Yates, Bradbury Follow my leader? String quartet synchronization (Keynote) timing; synchronization; string quartet; feedback correction; listening test

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Aiba, Tsuzaki, Nagata, Nakagawa Effects of musical experience on synchrony judgment accuracy: Taking into consideration its relation to cochlear delay musical experience; cochlear delay; auditory periphery; synchrony judgment; pianists

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Ascenso, Perkins "The more the merrier"? Understanding the wellbeing of professional musicians in collaborative and solo work settings wellbeing; positive psychology; professional musicians; flourishing; qualitative methodology

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Berg, Costa The Imaginary Bird: A dialogic performance in a contemporary music for solo flute performance; contemporary music; solo flute; instrumental technique; The Imaginary Bird

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Bodnar The effect of intentional, preplanned movement on novice conductors' gesture conducting; movement; motor cognition; gesture; pedagogy

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Cammett, Joobeen Scratching that creative itch: The amateur choir and orchestra as examples of the learning-creative organization learning-creative; performance; leadership; creativity; conducting

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Chincharauli Chamber-instrumental interpretation issues on examples of Prokofiev's chamber sonatas chamber music; performer; Prokofiev; twentieth century; interpretation

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Corvisier, Berg, Prado Performance dialogisms in two Brazilian art songs by Silvia Berg dialogism; Brazilian art song; performing together; Silvia Berg; voice and piano collaboration

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Fine, Friedlander Cryptic crossword expertise and fluid intelligence expertise; cryptic crosswords; fluid intelligence; problem solving; cognitive testing

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Hadjakos SmartSense: Using your smartphone for music performance research movement; sensors; smartphone; introspection; popularization of performance science

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Hasanoglu Piano education: Purposes and ways piano education; statistics; music schools; conservatories; Turkey

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Heroux, Fortier, Lambert-Chan How to explain the process of creating a musical interpretation: The development of a methodology creativity; interpretation; methodology; phenomenology; practice

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Hirano, Ohsawa, Obata, Kudo, Ohtsuki, Kinoshita French horn embouchure: An electromyographic facial kinematic study French horn; embouchure; EMG; skin movement; pitch

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Illes Upgrading creativity: Dynamics of acting in groups creativity; group performance; group dynamics; social factors; art psychology

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Jensen, Frimodt-Moller Model and analysis of individual rehearsals music rehearsal; memory; rote learning; UML; guitar

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Kawakami, Mito, Ozawa, Shinoda, Irie, Marumo Acceleration of dance movements: The master and a disciple of Nihon Buyo motion capture system; Nihon Buyo; motion analysis; acceleration; national living treasure

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Kawase Assignment of leadership role changes performers' gaze behavior during piano duo performances leadership; gaze; piano duo; synchronization; role

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Kawashima Understanding relationships between music and EFL learning musical ability; EFL learning; listening proficiency; sound discrimination; interaction

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Korte, Perkins, Williamon Learning to perform in older adulthood: Implications for physical and mental wellbeing making music; older adults; wellbeing; stress management; flexibility

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Lisboa, Chaffin, Demos, Gerling Flexibility in the use of shared and individual performance cues in duo performance Music performance; memory; performance cues; duo performance; performance stability

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Matovic, Pekovic New limits of musical art expression: Serbian concept of interaction in the classical art form performing praxis; musical elitism; multiple instruments, interactive concept, interdisciplinary approach

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Mito, Kawakami, Miura, Shinoda, Marumo The relation between the key and performance motion on the keyboard instrument motion capture; emotion; keyboard instrument; body part; key

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Mukai, Kawakami, Kumagai, Manning, Tanaka, Okuno, Aikawa Embodying and learning individual creative methods: Sharing ideas and images for the interdisciplinary collaboration art project interdisciplinary collaboration; cross-disciplinary production; workshop; learning creative methods; describing process

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Nagashima Comprovisession: Improvisational real-time composing environment for multimedia session performance improvisation; live computer music; multimedia performance; interaction; real-time composition

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Nakahara, Furuya, Obata, Kinoshita Exercise physiology of piano playing piano performance; physiology; oxygen uptake; heart rate; energy expenditure

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Obata, Nakahara, Hirano, Ohsawa, Okuno, Ito, Kinoshita An electromyographic study of the left hand in violin playing violin; EMG; muscle; left hand; string clamping force

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Petrovic Music and speech performance: Music characteristics of Serbian accents accent; interval; emotion; vowels; expression

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Podnar, Bertsch Infrared thermography as diagnostic tool for physiotherapeutic taping support of musicians performing artists; health; infrared thermography; prevention; taping

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Roussou An exploration of the pianist's multiple roles within the duo chamber ensemble pianist; co-performer; soloist; coach; accompanist and collaborator

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Shinoda, Mizutani, Mito, Watanuma, Ozawa, Marumo Classification and visualization of dance movements of Nihon Buyo using motion capture system motion capture system; Nihon Buyo; physical skills; motion analysis; educational support system

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Silva, Soares, Miranda, Pereira, Harper Performing Together? A case study of physiological stress between soloist and audience stress; cortisol-salivary testing; musician-audience interaction; performer-public; oboe

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Stambaugh A comparison of practice on a MIDI wind controller to practice on single-reed instruments MIDI wind controller; practice; cognition; instrument; technology

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Sulpicio, Sulpicio Trumpet and marimba: Combining sounds in Brazilian music trumpet; marimba; percussion; Brazilian music; duets

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Tsuzake, Ue, Orie, Kohama Effects of physical training on the stability of operatic singing: Acoustical analyses and physical measurements after isometrics vocal performance; isometric exercise; voice quality; acoustic measure; training method

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Williamon, Aufegger, Eiholzer Simulating and stimulating performance: Designing and validating simulated music performance settings simulation; music education; professional training; performance anxiety; performance quality

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Winter, Gualda Preferences in practicing chamber music music performance; chamber music; music students; deliberate practice; rehearsal techniques

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Himberg, Spiro Patterns of entrainment: Being out of sync, in sync, and in between entrainment; interaction; synchronization; non-musician; tapping

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Papiotis, Marchini, Maestre Multidimensional analysis of interdependence in a string quartet interdependence; string quartet; ensemble performance; signal processing; motion capture

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Timmers, Endo, Wing Temporal coordination in string quartet performance timing; synchronization; string quartet; self-report; measurement

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Miura, Schoonderwaldt, Altenmuller Is emotional drumming realized in both sound and movement? emotion; body movement; motion capture; cue; machine learning

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Liu Characterizing violin glides in cadential versus noncadential sequences in solo Bach glide; violin; pitch; cadentiality; structure

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Rickert, Halaki, Ginn, Barrett, Ackermann The use of fine-wire EMG to investigate the kinematics of cello bowing: The results of a pilot study string biomechanics; electromyography; shoulder injuries; cello players; muscular load

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Parncutt, Hair Intervals as distances, not ratios: Evidence from tuning and intonation singing; ensemble; rehearsal; microtonality; intervals

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Vurma Does practice affect timbre-induced pitch shift? timbre; pitch shift; pitch deviation; pitch perception; intonation

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de Lisle, Speedy, Thompson Vibrato retraining of a cellist suffering from musician's dystonia: A collaborative approach musician; dystonia; cellist; biomechanics; retraining

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Clark, Holmes, Feeley, Redding Pointing to performance ability: Examining hypermobility and proprioception in musicians proprioception; hypermobility; musicians; health; training

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Trouli, Bird, Riley Performance measures in pianists: A method of enhancing communication with clinicians communication; rehabilitation; biofeedback; technique; pianists

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Foletto, Carvalho, Coimbra Retrieval cues as a teaching tool in one-to-one instrumental lessons: A pilot study retrieval cues; performance skills; instrumental teaching and learning; multimodal communication; teaching tools

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Lisboa, Chaffin, Demos Recording thoughts as an aid to memorization: A case study memory; practice; performance; learning; performance cues

Download (132 kb)

Gerling, dos Santos Mapping the strategies employed by piano students during memorized performance learning; performing; memorizing; piano; practice

Download (225 kb)

Polak, London Mande ensemble drumming: An introduction to Ngon drumming; rhythm; Mali; Mande; Bamana

Download (96 kb)

London, Polak Microtiming in Ngon: Categorical production and perception of a non-isochronous meter non-isochronous rhythm; meter; expressive timing; categorical perception

Download (120 kb)

Ginsborg, Hopkins, Fulford, Mate-Cid, Seiffert Interactive performance: Toward the use of vibrotactile technology by musicians with hearing impairments deaf; ensembles; music-making; strategies; vibration

Download (42 kb)

Fulford, Ginsborg The effects of hearing impairment on interactive performance: Two observational experiments deafness; interactive performance; visual feedback; gesture; communication

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Evans, Driscoll, Ackermann How to identify and manage stress VPI: Recommendations for wind instrumental teachers and students stress velopharyngeal insufficiency; woodwind; brass; diagnosis; management

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Van Zijl, Luck Thoughts in concert: A multi-method approach to investigate the effect of performers' focus of attention performing musicians; technique; expressivity; emotions; multi-method approach

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Alessandri, Eiholzer, Williamon Between producers and consumers: Critics' role in guiding listeners' choices performance preferences; music criticism; musical expertise; listeners' choices; Beethoven

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Morijiri Pianists' perceptions on performance criteria: Results of a factor analysis piano performance; criteria; priority; technique; interpretation

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Pickard Pain, pleasure, and performance: Embodied identity of young dancers and musicians pain; pleasure; performance; habitus; identity

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Clarke, Wyon, Percival Controlling balance: Static and dynamic balance within dance populations balance tests; static balance; dynamic balance; dancers; performance

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Blier-Carruthers The studio experience: Control and collaboration recording; production; control; collaboration; role play

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Barker, Coombs The actor at the piano actor; pianist; performance; music theatre; Rzewski

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Glauert, Setiadi Listener enactments in song without a singer singing; piano performance; theories of the lyric; breath

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Shoda, Adachi The pianist's acoustical and motional expressions in the live performance of Schumann's Traumerei live performance; piano performance; acoustical expressions; body movement; functional data analysis

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MacRitchie, Eiholzer Playing hands together: Exploring the use of asynchrony as an expressive device asynchrony; melody lead; voice separation; perception; expressive performance

Download (987 kb)

Jabusch, van Vugt, Bangert, Treutler, Altenmuller Piano playing and chronotype: Chronobiological influences on sensorimotor precision in pianists chronotype; sensorimotor skills; music performance; piano; scale playing

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Norgaard, Montiel, Spencer Chords not required: Incorporating horizontal and vertical aspects independently in a computer improvisation algorithm improvisation; patterns; rules; computer modeling; jazz

Download (112 kb)

Noy, Rinott, Avni Ambient auditory feedback promotes synchronized improvisation joint improvisation; synchronization; auditory feedback; mirroring; sonic interaction design

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Himberg, Thompson, Gill Rhythmic entrainment in communicative, dyadic improvisation improvisation; movement; entrainment; communication; pragmatics

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Fine, Vajsbaher How good are groups at estimating time? duration; groups; time estimation; word search; prospective timing

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Hill The collective choral voice: Artistic impact on young singers of newly composed music expert youth choirs; newly composed repertoire; Living Song; artistic impact; collective performance ability

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Bonshor Collaboration in the choral context: The contribution of conductor and choir to collective confidence confidence; choral; singers; choirs; conductors

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Pipa Fingers as individuals: The pianist's art of choosing the right fingering keyboard; fingering; substitution; individuality; Chopin

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Parncutt Piano touch, timbre, ecological psychology, and cross-modal interference timbre; piano; touch; ecology; synesthesia

Download (87 kb)

James, Cook A sustainable playing technique for piano performance: Movement science and implications for curricula efficient piano technique; music curriculum; motor learning; injury prevention; music ergonomics

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de Assis Exploring multi-temporalities: An orchestration of Luigi Nono's .....sofferte onde serene... Luigi Nono; multi-temporality; transcription; differential repetition; tape music

Download (208 kb)

Giorgio, Imberty, Belardinelli The role of texture and musicians' interpretation in understanding atonal music: Two behavioral studies Music cognition; grouping; segmentation; music representation; auditory perception

Download (88 kb)

Bennett, Blom Collaborative understandings in the preparation of a new work for viola and piano new music; collaboration; interpretation; practice-led research

Download (83 kb)

Onofre, Ricz, Takeshita-Monaretti, Prado, Aguiar-Ricz Effect of singing training on total laryngectomees wearing a tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis alaryngeal voice; voice training; vocal extension; singing training; laryngectomy

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Moorcroft, Kenny, Oates Breathing imagery moderates vibrato rate breathing; imagery; vibrato; warm-up; tone quality

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Drahan, Takeshita-Monaretti, Aguiar-Ricz Position of the larynx during lyrical singing in professional and amateur female singers: Preliminary results voice quality; voice training; position of the larynx; professional singers; amateur singers

Download (92 kb)

MacKie Mirror neurons: Imitation and emulation in piano performance mirror neurons; piano performance; musical analysis; choreography; ballet

Download (307 kb)

Martingo Communicating music: Structure, cognition, and expression Tonal Pitch Space; timing; agogics; performance; perception

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Dalagna, La, Welch Mental representation of music performance: A theoretical model mental representation; artistic ideal outcome; mental imagery; performing; instrumental learning

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Fitch Rhythm, meter, drumming, and dance: A predictive systems view of an ancient aspect of music (Keynote) music cognition; rhythm perception; meter; dance; animal music perception

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Williamon, Goebl ISPS 2013 End matter end matter; author index

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