Courses & fellowships

Royal College of Music degrees are designed to build student's academic and practical skills, allowing them to develop into well-rounded professionals with high levels of musicianship. RCM students are flexible, thoughtful and well-informed about music. 

We have shaped our courses to allow for flexibility and specialisation, which will help you prepare for the ever widening demands of the music profession. We also offer a number of Junior and piano accompaniment fellowships, which provide talented artists with the means and time to refine their artistic skills and gain valuable experience.


If you have any specific queries about the structure of our undergraduate or postgraduate programmes, please contact the relevant member of our Academic Programmes team.

For all general enquiries about study at the RCM, including those relating to applications and the audition processes, please contact our Admissions team. The International team will be able to help with any questions relating to studying at the RCM as an international student.

Dr Christina Guillaumier

Head of Undergraduate Programmes

Dr Anastasia Belina-Johnson

Assistant Head of Undergraduate Programmes

Dr Natasha Loges

Head of Postgraduate Programmes

Admissions team

Admissions and general audition enquiries

International team

International student enquiries