Environmental Notice

The International Symposium on Performance Science (ISPS) recognizes the importance of taking care of the environment and is aware of the environmental impact of holding large conferences.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our symposia on the environment by working closely with organizers, suppliers, and delegates to ensure that environmental friendly policies and procedures are in place at every stage of planning and throughout each event. In order to achieve this, we have put in place the following initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.


We are committed to adopting best practices wherever possible, and throughout each stage of planning, we expressly discuss environmental issues and opportunities, encourage conference calls, and use digital media for promotional materials and general event coordination. We also offer electronic abstract submission and electronic registration using the web and email.


We discuss in detail the environmental policies in place for conference venues, and we review (and encourage) eco-friendly practices in all aspects of conference operations.


We are committed to involving our suppliers in convening environmentally responsible meetings. Preference is always given to those products and services that have minimal or beneficial impact on the environment. For instance, wherever possible, we source and purchase environmentally sensitive products and services locally, and we place careful attention on food and beverage planning, using locally-sourced ingredients in addition to focusing on the appropriate disposal of food waste, cardboard waste, cooking oil, and liquid waste.


We minimise waste using the 3R’s principles (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle). This includes materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic cups and bottles, cans and tins, exhibition skips, and general waste. We provide conference materials digitally to avoid large quantities of printed material, and wherever possible, conference materials are biodegradable.


We recognize the intrinsic value of researchers meeting together to share research at conferences, and more specifically, the value of doing so face-to-face. However, we also recognize the need to lower emissions from international travel, particularly that resulting from long-haul air travel. ISPS is convened in different locations worldwide deliberately to encourage a healthy exchange of ideas and research in these local contexts, with new and growing communities of performers and scientists. Our decisions in programming each conference, such as the selection of keynote speakers, are considered in relation to their environmental impact. For those delegates who must fly to symposia, we would encourage them to combine their attendance with other events and meetings nearby, as well as considering offsetting their travel emissions.

At each conference, we provide accommodation options that are within walking distance of venues, and where travel within the host city is necessary, we encourage shared (public) transport, cycling, or walking between venues.

We are also aware of the important and valuable role that video- and tele-conference technologies can play in facilitating the exchange of ideas and minimizing (and reducing) the environmental impact of international travel. We are committed to considering these options for each conference, including webcasting plenary sessions and use of social media to facilitate dissemination and discussion.


While many of our environmental initiatives will help to facilitate equal access to the latest research in performance science, we are committed to maintaining accessibility for those who are unable to adapt to some of these initiatives.


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