ISPS 2015

Kyoto | Japan
02 | 05 September 2015

Convened by
Faculty of Science and Technology
Ryukoku University, Japan

Centre for Performance Science
Royal College of Music, London


Download the ISPS 2015 program, including the conference schedule and abstracts booklet.
ISPS 2015 Program (1.6 MB)

Keynote Speakers

Janet Karin, Australian Catholic University
Speaking to the neuromotor system: Learning and refining voluntary movement

Hiroshi Kinoshita, Osaka University
Force control and movement organization in skilled musical performance

Gary McPherson, University of Melbourne
Musical prodigies: Early manifestations, catalysts, and outcomes

Markus Raab, German Sport University Cologne
The power of simplicity: A fast-and-frugal heuristics approach to performance science

Graduate Award

Anna Zabuska, Royal Northern College of Music
Burnout and engagement among music performance students: A quantitative study


Abstracts of the International Symposium on Performance Science 2015, edited by Aaron Williamon and Masanobu Miura, published by Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan. ISBN 9784904945605.

Abstracts of ISPS 2015 (1.6 MB)

Frontiers | Performance Science

A selection of articles from ISPS 2015 have been peer-reviewed and published in Performance Science, a speciality section of the open-access journal Frontiers in Psychology. They are collected and freely available to download here »


Aaron Williamon, co-chair
Royal College of Music, London (UK)

Masanobu Miura, co-chair
Ryukoku University (Japan)

Elena Alessandri
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland)

Werner Goebl
University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (Austria)

Fernando Gualda
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Etsuko Hoshino
Ueno Gakuen University (Japan)

Hiroshi Kawakami
Nihon University (Japan)

Satoshi Kobori
Ryukoku University (Japan)

Jennifer MacRitchie
University of Western Sydney (Australia)

Yutaka Sakaguchi
University of Electro-Communications (Japan)

Takashi Taniguchi
Osaka Gakuin University (Japan)

Minoru Tsuzaki
Kyoto City University of Arts (Japan)

David Wasley
Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK)

Masashi Yamada
Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Japan)

Nozomiko Yasui
National Institute of Technology, Matsue College (Japan)

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